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残像 上

ウクライナへ連れていく車の中に、フランスのアーティストの留学の記憶が蘇る。不思議な少女、アンヤとの時間も… 苦味強めのほろ苦い青春物語。

“Who thought I’d have the change to meet you again after 6 years… I don’t even know if you’re still there but… I just remembered, all of a sudden. The time we spent together. The afterimage of you in my mind…”
In the car taking him to Ukraine, a French artist remembers his exchange at Lviv’s art school. In these memories, a mysterious girl named Anja… A bittersweet love story, with a strong bitter taste.

2023年7月発売 – Released in July 2023

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